Table 3

The association between training frequency for the different type of tackles and the amount of time the different type of tackles was executed in matches

Type of tacklesdχ2p ValueCramer's Vτ-bASEz Value
Front-on tackle training vs front-on tackle matches2041.
Side-on tackle training vs side-on tackle matches1527.680.
Smother tackle training vs smother tackle matches2035.880.
Behind tackle training vs behind tackle matches2030.460.
Double tackle training vs double tackle matches2049.
  • Significant association p<0.05. Cramer's V or τ-b less than 0.2=weak, between 0.2 and 0.49=moderate, and 0.5 and higher=strong relationship. |z|≥1.96 is significant at the p<0.05 level, |z|≥2.60 is significant at the p<0.01 level and |z|≥3.32 is significant at the p<0.001 level. d=degrees of freedom.