Table 2

Differences in running speed during the 6×4 min work periods (WP1–6) in well-trained (WT) and recreationally trained (RT) runners

Work periodWT (km/h)RT (km/h)Effect sizeQualitative inference
WP114.92±0.6611.24±0.603.27±0.550/0/100Most likely very large
WP214.95±0.9311.27±0.563.63±0.620/0/100Most likely very large
WP314.91±0.4111.04±0.544.51±0.620/0/100Most likely very large
WP414.87±0.3510.81±0.554.70±0.670/0/100Most likely very large
WP514.86±0.3510.81±0.554.91±0.650/0/100Most likely very large
WP615.04±0.3610.80±0.624.70±0.750/0/100Most likely very large
  • Data are presented as means and 90% confidence limits.