Table 2

The association between how tackle technique is corrected and match attitudes and behaviours

dχ2p ValueCramer's Vτ-bASEz Value
Identifying a problem in your tackle technique and fixing it
 Doing what is practised1619.630.
 Proper technique1616.140.440.
 Bring down BC at all cost1622.820.
 Own safety1615.830.470.
 Safety of BC1620.660.
 Safety of both you and BC1616.810.400.
 Putting in a ‘Big Hit’1612.920.680.
 Going for the ball only1626.930.
 Staying on your feet1622.440.
 Preventing the BC from retaining possession1217.
 Preventing the BC team from retaining possession1618.120.320.
Identifying a team problem in tackle technique and fixing it
 Doing what is practised1632.550.
 Proper technique1625.410.
 Bring down BC at all cost1616.900.390.
 Own safety1626.370.
 Safety of BC1619.540.
 Safety of both you and BC1616.720.400.
 Putting in a ‘Big Hit’1614.180.590.
 Going for the ball only1631.
 Staying on your feet1626.920.
 Preventing the BC from retaining possession129.470.660.
 Preventing the BC team from retaining possession1615.470.490.
  • Significant association p<0.05. Cramer's V or τ-b less than 0.2=weak, between 0.2 and 0.49=moderate, and 0.5 and higher=strong relationship. |z|≥1.96 is significant at the p<0.05 level, |z|≥2.60 is significant at the p<0.01 level and |z|≥3.32 is significant at the p<0.001 level. d=degrees of freedom. ‘Big Hit’—a physically dominating tackle.

  • BC, ball carrier.