Table 1

Participant characteristics

VariableMean±SDRange (lowest–highest)
Age (years)36±1119–50
Body mass (kg)72.7±10.254.2–87.5
Height (m)1.70±0.131.40–1.88
Time since injury (years)16±152–50
Sleep HR (bpm)56±1142–74
Rest HR (bpm)65±1250–88
RMR (kcal/day)1621±2481201–2152
V̇O2 peak (mL/kg/min)28.3±6.916.7–41.1
Reason for WC useSCI* (T1–L4) (n=8), spina bifida (n=3), scoliosis (n=1), cerebral palsy (n=1), amputation† (n=1), AB‡ (n=1)
  • *All SCI volunteers indicated that they had complete lesions.

  • †Regular wheelchair user (>70% of locomotion).

  • ‡AB wheelchair basketball player (>2 years).

  • AB, able-bodied; HR, heart rate; RMR, resting metabolic rate; SCI, spinal cord injury; WC, wheelchair.