Table 1

Peak hamstring and quadriceps torque in recreational skiers after 4 h of skiing

Peak torque (N m)
MuscleBefore skiing1 h after skiing24 h after skiing
Concentric contractions
 Right thigh78.4±24.179.3±24.078.3±22.5
 Left thigh77.9±22.878.7±24.682.4±26.2
Eccentric contractions
 Right thigh103.9±33.298.3±31.2*93.8±29.1*
 Left thigh105.8±31.6101.1±36.096.8±29.1*
Concentric contractions
 Right thigh131.4±41.8128.6±39.9120.6±43.7
 Left thigh138.2±44.4133.0±41.6132.9±42.3
Eccentric contractions
 Right thigh178.3±50.8171.1±44.6172.1±45.5
 Left thigh176.1±48.0164.8±52.4*164.6±47.7*
  • Twenty-four recreational alpine skiers (14 males and 10 females) performed an isokinetic muscle test 1 day before, 1 h after, and 24 h after a 4 h skiing session.

  • *Significant difference before and after skiing (p<0.05) Values are shown as mean±SD.