Table 2

Pre/post measures

VariablePre (median)IQRN=Post (median)IQRN=p Value
Depression (PHQ-9)16814101214<0.01
Anxiety (GAD-7)138.5146.5914<0.05
Steps (SenseWear accelerometer)33662610145746623714>0.10
Average Energy Expenditure (calories/day)2525985132773135413>0.10
Confidence (Self-Efficacy) (5-level Likert scale)*2.31.0143.20.814<0.01
Physical Activity Enjoyment (5-level Likert scale)*71.013.51476.511.014<0.10
Social Support—Family (5-level Likert scale)*20.521.51422.07.514<0.10
Social Support—Friends (5-level Likert scale)*23.511.01425.010.014>0.10
Decisional Balance (5-level Likert scale)*1.62.0132.41.513>0.10
Outcome Expectation (5-level Likert scale)*3.81.6144.01.514>0.10
Attendance/GMV (N=14) (people, range)NA11.6 (9–14)2.0NANA
Attendance (GMVs/person, range)NA11.6 (9–14)2.5NANA
Attendance/hatha yoga class (N=11) (people, range)NA8.6 (6–13)2.0NANA
Attendance (hatha yoga classes/person, range)NA5.9 (0–11)5.5NANA
  • *From Motivating People to Be Physically Active, by BH Marcus & LAH Forsyth, 2003, Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL.

  • GAD, Generalised Anxiety Disorder; GMV, group medical visit; NA, not available; PHQ, Patient Health Questionnaire.