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Italian consensus statement (2020) on return to play after lower limb muscle injury in football (soccer)
  1. Gian Nicola Bisciotti1,
  2. Piero Volpi2,3,
  3. Giampietro Alberti4,
  4. Alessandro Aprato5,
  5. Matteo Artina6,
  6. Alessio Auci7,
  7. Corrado Bait8,
  8. Andrea Belli3,
  9. Giuseppe Bellistri3,
  10. Pierfrancesco Bettinsoli9,
  11. Alessandro Bisciotti10,
  12. Andrea Bisciotti10,
  13. Stefano Bona2,
  14. Marco Bresciani11,
  15. Andrea Bruzzone12,
  16. Roberto Buda13,
  17. Michele Buffoli14,
  18. Matteo Callini15,
  19. Gianluigi Canata16,17,
  20. Davide Cardinali10,
  21. Gabriella Cassaghi10,
  22. Lara Castagnetti2,
  23. Sebastiano Clerici18,
  24. Barbara Corradini10,
  25. Alessandro Corsini3,
  26. Cristina D'Agostino2,
  27. Enrico Dellasette3,
  28. Francesco Di Pietto19,
  29. Drapchind Enrica10,
  30. Cristiano Eirale1,20,
  31. Andrea Foglia21,
  32. Francesco Franceschi22,
  33. Antonio Frizziero23,
  34. Alberto Galbiati3,
  35. Carlo Giammatei24,
  36. Philippe Landreau25,
  37. Claudio Mazzola26,
  38. Biagio Moretti27,
  39. Marcello Muratore3,
  40. Gianni Nanni28,29,
  41. Roberto Niccolai3,
  42. Claudio Orizio30,
  43. Andrea Pantalone31,32,
  44. Federica Parra10,
  45. Giulio Pasta33,34,
  46. Paolo Patroni35,
  47. Davide Pelella3,
  48. Luca Pulici3,
  49. Alessandro Quaglia2,3,
  50. Stefano Respizzi2,
  51. Luca Ricciotti10,
  52. Arianna Rispoli10,
  53. Francesco Rosa2,
  54. Alberto Rossato36,
  55. Italo Sannicandro37,
  56. Claudio Sprenger3,
  57. Chiara Tarantola10,
  58. Fabio Gianpaolo Tenconi38,
  59. Giuseppe Tognini39,
  60. Fabio Tosi3,
  61. Giovanni Felice Trinchese40,
  62. Paola Vago41,
  63. Marcello Zappia42,
  64. Zarko Vuckovich1,
  65. Raul Zini43,
  66. Michele Trainini44,
  67. Karim Chamari1,45
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  1. Correspondence to Dr Alessandro Corsini,F.C. Internazionale Milano, Milano, Milano, Italy; sirconi{at}


Return to play (RTP) decisions in football are currently based on expert opinion. No consensus guideline has been published to demonstrate an evidence-based decision-making process in football (soccer). Our aim was to provide a framework for evidence-based decision-making in RTP following lower limb muscle injuries sustained in football. A 1-day consensus meeting was held in Milan, on 31 August 2018, involving 66 national and international experts from various academic backgrounds. A narrative review of the current evidence for RTP decision-making in football was provided to delegates. Assembled experts came to a consensus on the best practice for managing RTP following lower limb muscle injuries via the Delphi process. Consensus was reached on (1) the definitions of ‘return to training’ and ‘return to play’ in football. We agreed on ‘return to training’ and RTP in football, the appropriate use of clinical and imaging assessments, and laboratory and field tests for return to training following lower limb muscle injury, and identified objective criteria for RTP based on global positioning system technology. Level of evidence IV, grade of recommendation D.

  • muscle injury
  • lower limb
  • sporting injuries
  • fitness testing
  • soccer
  • return to play

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