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Groin Pain Syndrome Italian Consensus Conference on terminology, clinical evaluation and imaging assessment in groin pain in athlete
  1. G N Bisciotti1,
  2. P Volpi2,3,
  3. R Zini4,
  4. A Auci5,
  5. A Aprato6,
  6. A Belli3,
  7. G Bellistri3,
  8. P Benelli7,
  9. S Bona2,
  10. D Bonaiuti8,
  11. G Carimati2,
  12. G L Canata9,
  13. G Cassaghi5,
  14. S Cerulli10,
  15. G Delle Rose2,
  16. P Di Benedetto11,
  17. F Di Marzo12,
  18. F Di Pietto13,
  19. L Felicioni14,
  20. L Ferrario15,
  21. A Foglia16,
  22. M Galli17,
  23. E Gervasi18,
  24. L Gia12,
  25. C Giammattei19,
  26. A Guglielmi20,
  27. A Marioni21,
  28. B Moretti22,
  29. R Niccolai3,
  30. N Orgiani2,
  31. A Pantalone23,
  32. F Parra5,
  33. A Quaglia2,
  34. F Respizzi2,
  35. L Ricciotti5,
  36. M T Pereira Ruiz20,
  37. A Russo24,
  38. E Sebastiani25,
  39. G Tancredi25,
  40. F Tosi2,
  41. Z Vuckovic1
  1. 1Qatar Orthopedic and Sport Medicine Hospital, Doha, Qatar
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  24. 24Ospedale di Perugia, Italy
  25. 25Ospedale Latisana, Udine, Italy
  1. Correspondence to Dr Gian Nicola Bisciotti; bisciotti{at}


The nomenclature and the lack of consensus of clinical evaluation and imaging assessment in groin pain generate significant confusion in this field. The Groin Pain Syndrome Italian Consensus Conference has been organised in order to prepare a consensus document regarding taxonomy, clinical evaluation and imaging assessment for groin pain. A 1-day Consensus Conference was organised on 5 February 2016, in Milan (Italy). 41 Italian experts with different backgrounds participated in the discussion. A consensus document previously drafted was discussed, eventually modified, and finally approved by all members of the Consensus Conference. Unanimous consensus was reached concerning: (1) taxonomy (2) clinical evaluation and (3) imaging assessment. The synthesis of these 3 points is included in this paper. The Groin Pain Syndrome Italian Consensus Conference reached a consensus on three main points concerning the groin pain syndrome assessment, in an attempt to clarify this challenging medical problem.

  • Groin
  • Hip
  • Muscle injury and inflammation
  • Sport
  • Tendinopathy

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  • Contributors GNB, PV, RZ, AAu, GC, FDM and ZV planned the manuscript. All authors contributed to the writing and editing of the manuscript and gave their approval for its final version.

  • Competing interests None declared.

  • Provenance and peer review Not commissioned; externally peer reviewed.

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