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Correction: ECG findings in professional rugby players using international screening recommendations

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McHugh C, Petek B, Grant AJ, et al. ECG findings in professional rugby players using international screening recommendations. BMJ Open Sp Ex Med 2024;10:e001813. doi: 10.1136/bmjsem-2023-001813

The article has undergone revisions subsequent to its online publication. The authors wish to alert readers to certain textual inaccuracies in their manuscript, which have since been rectified.

The mistake occurred within the Methods section, specifically under the subheading 'Study design and participants'. The corrected text should have been as follows:

The ECGs of professional rugby players obtained during preparticipation screening (2010–2022) from all teams within one European country were retrospectively analysed, compared by sex and by playing position (forwards vs backs). Informed consent was obtained from participants during preparticipation screening over consecutive years from all players to permit retrospective analysis of these clinically obtained ECGs for research purposes.

As a result, the Ethics approval statement has been updated to:

This study involves human participants and was approved by the research ethics committee from Trinity College Dublin (Ref 211102) in collaboration with the Rugby National Governing Body.