Table 4

A summary of modifications of the survey items with low kappa values (<0.6) in the Tamil version of the Juniors Enjoying Cricket Safely (JECS)-SL questionnaire

Survey item% agreementKappa valueSurvey item - Tamil
Before modificationsModification descriptionAfter modifications
Q2. How much do you like playing cricket?
  • It’s great fun

  • It’s a bit fun

  • I don’t know

  • It’s not very fun

  • It’s not very fun at all

93.30.48fpupf;nfl; tpisahl cq;fSf;F vt;tsT tpUg;gk;?
  • ,J kpfTk; FJ}fykhdJ;

  • ,J XusT FJ}fykhdJ

  • vdf;F njupahJ

  • ,J me;j msTf;F FJ}fykhdJ my;y

  • ,J FJ}fykhdNj my;y

The Tamil word that has used to describe ‘fun’ (FJ}fykhdJ) is not a commonly used word. It was replaced by a simple everyday used word (kfpo;r;rpahdJ) to make the responses more understandable for junior cricketers.fpupf;nfl; tpisahl cq;fSf;F vt;tsT tpUg;gk;?
  • ,J kpfTk; kfpo;r;rpahdJ

  • ,J XusT kfpo;r;rpahdJ

  • vdf;F njupahJ

  • ,J ngupjhf kfpo;r;rpahdJ ,y;iy

  • ,J kfpo;r;rpahdNj ,y;iy

Q5. Did you get sore, hurt or injured playing cricket last season?96.70.49,Wjp gUtfhyj;jpd; NghJ ePq;fs; cghijf;F cs;shdPu;fsh?The phrase ‘playing cricket’ is not stated in the Tamil question. Therefore, the question was rephrased by including the phrase ‘playing cricket’ (gUtfhyj;jpy; fpupf;;;nfl; tpisahLk;).,Wjp gUtfhyj;jpy; fpupf;;;nfl; tpisahLk; NghJ ePq;fs; cghijf;F cs;shdPu;fsh?
Q13. Did your parents want you to stop playing cricket because you got injured?87.50.45cghijapd; fhuzkhf cq;fs; ngw;Nwhu; ePq;fs; fpupf;nfl; tpisahLtij epWj;Jtij tpUk;gpdhu;fsh?One Tamil word in the question (epWj;Jtij) was changed to its grammatically correct form to make the sentence accurate (epWj;j).cghijapd; fhuzkhf cq;fs; ngw;Nwhu; ePq;fs; fpupf;nfl; tpisahLtij epWj;j tpUk;gpdhu;fsh?
Q17. How much chance do you think a person playing (cricket) in the positions below has of being injured?
  • A batter running between wickets

  • tpf;fl;Lf;fpilapy; XLk; JLg;ghl;l tPuu;

The Tamil response is satisfactory and no changes were made.None
  • Fielding in the outfield (at boundary line)

  • ntsp tyaj;jpy; fsj;jLg;ghsu; (vy;iyf;Nfhl;by;)

The response gives the meaning ‘a player at the boundary line’. This was rephrased to provide a clearer expression ‘a player fielding at the boundary line’, which is easy to understandntsp tyaj;jpy; fsj;jLg;gpy; <LgLgtH (vy;iyf;Nfhl;by;)
  • Fielding in the infield (at 30 yards circle)

  • cs; tyaj;jpy; fsj;jLg;ghsu; (30 ahu; tyaj;jpDs;)

Similar modifications as the above response. Rephrased to provide a clearer expression ‘a player fielding at 30-yard circle’.cs; tyaj;jpy; fsj;jLg;gpy; <LgLgtH (30 ahu; tyaj;jpDs;)
  • *Weighted kappa values.