Table 3

Injury and muscle strength characteristics according to gender and strength groups (n=225)

Strength groups r1RM Traumatic injury OR (95% CI) ACL injury OR (95% CI)
MedianMean (SD)nn
Weakmedian females (n=45)0.9 (0.15)229.56 (2.93 to 31.20)127.64 (1.60 to 36.52)
Strongmedian females (n=44)1.3 (0.2)42
Weakmedian males (n=68)1.16 (0.18)130.90 (0.38 to 2.31)30.30 (0.03 to 2.91)
Strongmedian males (n=68)1.6 (0.1)131
Quartiles* p value
Weakquartile females (n=22)0.78 (0.1)9p=0.0446
Strongquartile females (n=22)1.48 (0.2)31
Weakquartile males (n=34)0.98 (0.1)4p=1.0000
Strongquartile males (n=34)1.75 (01)41
  • Number of injured athletes, mean (SD) for relative (kg/bodyweight) 1RM barbell squat together with OR, and p value for Fisher’s exact test, are presented.

  • *Upper versus lower quartile.

  • †Fisher’s exact test.

  • r1RM, one repetition maximum.