Table 4

Frequency and percentage of descriptors for concussive event (C) and non-injury (NI) event during precontact and contact

PrecontactC (n)Per centNI (n)Per centContactC (n)Per centNI (n)Per cent
Body position of tacklerType of tackle
 Upright120316 Arm120737
 Medium120526 Collision12015
 Low120211 Jersey0015
 Upright to medium120211 Shoulder (dive)0015
 Upright to low00632 Shoulder (opposite leading leg)120421
 Medium to upright0000 Shoulder (same leading leg)240526
 Medium to low12015 Smother tackle0000
 Low to upright0000 Tap tackle0000
 Low to medium0000
Tackler stanceDirection of Tackle
 Flat-footed12015 Front480842
 Back-foot0015 Side10737
 Split forward2401053 Oblique00211
 No stance240737 Behind020211
Head position of tacklerBody region of tackler struck
 Down120526 Legs0000
 Tracking120737 Mid-torso0000
 Up and forward360526 Shoulder/arm24019100
 Away0000 Head and neck36000
Arm position of tacklerBody region of ball-carrier struck
 Elbows bent with hands raised0015 Legs120737
 Hands above shoulders360421 Mid-torso360526
 Hands dropped2401368 Shoulder/arm120737
 Head and neck0000
Speed of tacklerBall-carrier fend
 Slow360842 Absent480842
 Moderate00632 Moderate120947
 Fast240526 Strong00211
Speed of ball-carrierTackle sequence
 Slow0000 One-on-one3601368
 Moderate120737 Sequential120526
 Fast4801263 Simultaneous12015
 Attacking sequential0000
Direction of movement of tacklerImpact force
 Forwards4801158 Low120316
 Backwards0015 Medium2401263
 Lateral120737 High240421
Interpersonal distance between ball-carrier and tackler
Direction of movement of ball-carrier
 Arcing run12000
 Lateral run00316
 Diagonal run120421
Orientation of tackler in relation to ball-carrier 
Ball-carrier visual awareness
Attacking support
Defensive support