Table 5

Frequency and percentage of descriptors for concussive event (C) and non-injury event (NI) during aerial collision and ruck

Aerial collisionC (n)Per centNI (n)Per centRuckC (n)Per centNI (n)Per cent
Number of players involvedRole at ruck: player of interest
 2110000 Ball-carrier12558
 300267 Jackal125610
 40000 Support attack002643
 500133 Support defence2502439
Number of attackersNumber of players on attack
 11100267 1–21251016
 20000 3–53754980
 300133 6–80023
Number of defendersNumber of players on defence
 1110000 00035
 2003100 1–22503252
Awareness of impending contact: attacking playerActivity at ruck: attack
 Yes003100 Clearing the ruck3753252
 No110000 Protecting the ball1252948
Awareness of impending contact: defensive playerActivity at the ruck: defence
 Yes003100 Competing for the ball3754370
 No110000 Support1251013
 No active engagement00816
Speed of defensive playerInfringement
 Slow0000 No3755082
 Moderate003100 Yes1251118
Speed of attacking playerAttacker possession
 Slow003100 Maintained possession41005590
 Moderate0000 Lost possession00610
First body region in contact: attacking player
 Hips and below110000
First body region in contact: defensive player
 Hips and below0000
Body position
Relative position of attacker/defender
 Attacker higher than defender1100267
 Defender higher than attacker0000
 Same level00133
Lands on feet/stable
Who gained possession of the ball