Table 3

Results of the descriptive discriminant analysis

Standardised LDFStructured r
Test battery
 Verbal memory0.090.04
 Visual memory−0.24−0.10
 Visual motor speed−0.010.02
 Reaction time−0.130.05
 Total symptom score0.170.49
 Composite score−0.55−0.08
 Somatosensory ratio0.110.04
 Visual ratio0.020.06
 Vestibular ratio0.950.41
 Total symptom duration0.590.69
 Total symptom severity0.160.65
ImPACT composite score
 Verbal memory0.180.540.07
 Visual memory−0.05−0.94−0.20
 Visual motor speed−0.050.390.04
 Reaction time−0.120.510.10
 Total symptom score0.99NA0.97
SOT composite score/ratios
 Composite score−0.98−0.13
 Total symptom duration0.771.0
 Total symptom severity−0.240.96
  • A secondary analysis was performed for ImPACT without TSS.

  • ImPACT, Immediate Postconcussion Assessment and Cognitive Test; LDF, Linear discriminant function; NA, not included in analysis; TSS, Total Symptom Score.